Ravelry: Project Gallery for Princess - 12" Square pattern by Melinda Miller

Ravelry: Project Gallery for Princess - Square pattern by Melinda Miller

Farmington Square. I really hate making granny squares and then joining granny squares, but I like the looks of this one. If I ever decide to attempt another one, this might be the winner.

Make a colorful Farmington Square like this crochet pattern. Each row is fastened off to change colors. If you made this in one color, it would not have the same effect. Think spring with these fun colors and let is stand alone.

Ravelry: Sorrel pattern by Sadie Cuming.. Free pattern!

A somewhat fussy but beautiful crochet square inspired by my time in Sorrel, Tasmania and our wonderful 2015 vacation there.

Ravelry: MossyOwls' Cheerful Blooming Granny ~ free pattern, divine! thanks so xox

MossyOwls' Cheerful Blooming Granny

Velvet and Lace Square (7" but adjustable up to 12") - free crochet pattern by Priscilla Hewitt. Almost 200 Ravelry projects.

Gorgeous afghan block easily adapted to a larger size and multiple colours. A little challenging in the construction, for intermediate to experienced crocheters. Some people have made this in size with aran weight and a (H or I) hook.

Frostbloom 12" Afghan Square ~ free pattern ᛡ

This crochet block is an easy pattern, suitable for a beginner with a little experience reading patterns.

"Pineapple Expression" by Margaret McInnis: Ravelry library

Ravelry: Project Gallery for Pineapple Expression Afghan Block Square pattern by Margaret MacInnis