Amazing Fantasy Warrior Women Art

Well, that's certainly a creative take on a bow. but you're right to use quotes in refering to this as an "Archer" by Mikael Leger


Craven of the Rock Tat people, she was crazy from the moment they saw her, but life drew out her dark side.

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Who the hell titled this pin "Traditional Archer"? Half shaved head in a bikini with heels and pseudo Asian embroidery on her uber-long loin cloth? For the record, archery in high heels counts as

Jeremiah is my friend. Erochs brother. He is a bounty hunter and swore his brother to protect me.

Thief officially confirmed for Xbox One Eidos-Montréal has announced today that THIEF is being developed for Xbox One, the newly unveiled games and entertainment system from

Art from Magic: The Gathering - Imgur

Art from Magic: The Gathering

A female Pirate

The Witcher 3 - Ciri by IvanCEs The look of determination is clear! I love strong female role-models and characters!