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A moment of silence for all the people we drew halfway down the page to avoid drawing feet <<I never have to do the eye thing but there are days where I just can't draw hands and feet

#tumblr #humor

Maybe not zoom the entire eye in and out, but have a mechanism that allows us to do so with out eyes staying where they are

I would do this if I was a murderer XD-and I already have a therapist

Febreeze Murderer would actually be a good idea if I ever become a psycho serial killer.

wow. he doesn't break his word. |pinterest: @waitingforfireflies instagram: @_danae.18

If These Tumblr Posts Make You Laugh, You Almost Definitely Have Parents

I've been through ten high schools, they start to get blurry. No point planting roots 'cause you're gone in a hurry. sorry I'm Heathers trash

17 Hilarious Tumblr Posts For People Who Took French In School

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Dumbing down education essay Dumbing Down Essays on the Strip Mining, prevails in the nation's research universities and education schools. Asserted one 1988 essay.

And this year Tumblr was, of course, strange…


Dude guys with long hair are hot(most of the time) XD<<bald men are bald eagles Haha.

28 Times Tumblr Was Actually Right About Everything

28 Times Tumblr Was Actually Right About Everything