Wine tasting party

Wine tasting party "Red Wine" table with appetizer pairings and cheese. do the same for a white wine table

Pairing wine and chocolate can be difficult because of the bold flavors. We came up with a guide to help you highlight the wine as well as the chocolate!  {}

Wine and Chocolate Pairings to Impress Your Guests

If you love chocolate and wine individually (and how can you not?), why not enjoy wine and chocolate pairings together! Enjoy this lovely infographic guide.

What is better than chocolate + wine? Get tips for the ultimate sensory experience for an awesome tasting party.

Wine + Chocolate Pairing Party

Brandy and Wine. Wine Selection Made Simple With This Advice. So many different occasions demand a proper selection of wine to make the evening perfect. Learning proper wine techniques can help make your next social o

When you ask friends if they’d like to come over for some chocolate and wine, the only question they will ask is WHEN? ~ Click to see more from @glorioustreats

Chocolate and Wine Tasting Party

Chocolate and Wine Tasting Party Ideas.THIS is what I want to do for my house warming party!

Chocolate and Wine Pairing Education! The Romance of Wine & Chocolate! #Valentines Day

The Romance of Chocolate and Wine; a pairing education - perfect ideas for Valentine's Day!

While some may argue that chocolate’s sweet and bitter flavor profile make it difficult to pair with wine, we believe that these two are actually destined to be together. Here’s how you can play matchmaker with these favorite wine and chocolate pairings.

How to Pair This Delightful Duo: Chocolate & Wine

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How to Throw an At-Home Wine Tasting party, in combination with my housewarming party