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When you realise that The Name of the Doctor took us from the beginning all the way to the end.

From Gallifrey To Trenzalore

The path I carved through time and space, from Gallifrey to Trenzalore. My own personal time tunnel, leading back to every moment I ever lived. Every step, every tear, every kiss. Even the days I haven't lived yet.>>>>>> this is amazing art

next stop..

My gypsy soul cries, my restless heart breaks, and still, I am here.

Ooooo! A long pin! It must be good!

River's should also say "married the doctor." Badass friends of the Doctor.

Perfection, just perfection

Rose and Ten - This is one of my favorite, old Ralph Lauren campaigns ever. To see Rose and Ten in it makes my heart happy.

Accurate. (minus the language)


The 12 Types of Doctor Who Fans. I'm 6 of them: Tennant Fan Girl, Christopher Eccelston Die Hard, Moffat Fan, Moffat Hater, Matt Smith fan and Capaldi Convert.

Ahahahaha thats so evil! The super smug grin on Matts face at the end is perfect! :)

Ahahahaha that's so evil! The super smug grin on Matts face at the end is perfect! :) in the end im an eleven girl

OMG! Dying of cute!   Originals found here: http://postitartist.blogspot.ca/2011/05/baby-versions-of-doctor-villains.html

A collection of adorable baby DW villains

Baby Who- oh my god so cute!Normally I just HATE when they turn everything into baby stuff, but this is just fantastic

gallifreyan number system

The Low Gallifreyan Number System is a system, meaning there are only seven basic digits.