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history repeating itself... please excuse the language this is hilarious!!

Well, f*ck

history repeating itself- hopefully July is awl most over haha.

He’ll i would love this musical: I KNOW you have a favorite *stomp* I KNOW you have a favorite *stomp* I KNOW you have a favorite.


So not taking your son to a baseball game gave him the urge to put on makeup…

but my taste in music is your face ☁️

Who on earth coined the stereotype that girls are obsessed with changing clothes?

Hilarious cooking show

As an aspiring chef and college student, I would definitely watch this

Late nights are the best

I don't know why this is so funny. it probably won't be tomorrow. but right now I'm seriously dying!its funny cause it sounds like me

My French teacher told us this joke the first year of French class!

Yes that is a twilight I want to see

An idea from the person who should have directed the Twilight movies-Kanye as Edward Cullen.



Halfway to being Batman

This friend sounds awesome. <<< I practically am that friend. I mean dark humour isn't everyone's cup of liquidised dead baby, but if someone appreciates it then they are my best friend for life automatically.

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I'll be cracking up to myself and weirding out my entire family.

Glad I'm not the only person this happens to!!

I am literally shaking and crying, I can't function any

I've never repin anything so fast *cough* lies *cough* EDIT: I bet that helicopter is one HELL of a ride... I'll leave now...

hellacopter oh my word XD

Knocked Out.I laughed so hard reading this

It made me laugh sure but I'm so glad to know this. I thought everyone only knew violence these days

Pardon the language but it was too funny <== fuck your language