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Unidentified women of the Chippewa Nation tanning hides. No date, location, or additional information.

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Ojibwa mother and child – 1913

Ojibwa mother and child on the Long Lake Reservation in Minnesota - Ojibwa (Long Lake Band) - 1913

Ojibwa family - circa 1912

Studio portrait of a Mille Lacs Ojibwe family taken around

Traditional Ojibwa homes – 1925

Summer homes of the Chippewa on the shores of Red Lake, 1925 from Pam Shriver.

Native American Indian Pictures: Pictures of the Chippewa Indians

Chippewa in Minnesota

Ojibwa elder dressed in regalia

Ojibwa Indians Life and Culture Photographic Gallery

Around 1930 the petroglyphs were marked with chalk so they could be photographed. Acid rains have now eroded many of the images. Credit: Cou...

The Tsul' kalu is a slant-eyed giant of Cherokee myth. The Cherokee say that Judaculla Rock, a petroglyph-covered outcropping of soapstone in Jackson County, North Carolina, was created when Tsul' kula jumped from a ridge into the valley below.

Ojibwe Indians are one of the largest groups of Native American and First Nations Peoples on the North American continent. Description from I searched for this on

American Indian Photographs : Gallery C - Pg .

Ojibwa family – 1923

Rare Indian Pictures Ojibwa Indians Matt house sometimes called a wigwam

Ojibwa dancers - circa 1900

Ojibwa dancers - circa 1900

Ojibwa man

Ojibwa man - Different Nations, long length Ceremonial Stems and pipes, feet long.

Treaty With Ojibwe Tribe. July 29, 1837. 1200 Ojibwe gather at Fort Snelling to sign a treaty with Governor Henry Dodge of Wisconsin Territory, ceding lands between the Mississippi & St. Croix Rivers. This treaty leads to the opening of today’s Washington County for settlement & lumbering. In exchange for this land, the Ojibwe are paid 20 yearly installments of $9,500 cash, $19,000 in goods, $2,000 in provisions, $3,000 to establish & maintain 3 blacksmiths’ shops, & $500 worth of tobacco.

Treaty with Ojibwe

Ojibway man and woman, 1910.. What w wonderful picture!

Ojibway man and woman, 1910

Estas fotos fueron tomadas hace mas de un siglo 09

Blackfoot Indian girl photographed circa See a lot of my mom's side in this photo

John Smith, Chippewa Indian who lived in the Cass Lake area (Minnesota) is reputed to have died February 1922 at the age of

Wrinkled Meat, medicine man from Cass Lake