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I was little disappointed... I found this in the funny section, and read all the writing to no avail... Then I saw the woman photo bombing in the background. She's the one far ahead of her time!!! HahahaXD (the man scratching his face is pretty good too)

A woman ahead of her times…

That's my girl Marilyn! She is such an inspiration I love her! She was mot only beautiful but smart and strong willed. Marilyn proved that women can do what they want!

True but you're  still trying to spread your legs too no body wants that nasty cunt though.

True but you're still trying to spread your legs too no body wants that nasty cunt though. Hahah caption was too funny to get rid of

Hahahahahaha! I just think this is hilarious! I shall use this someday...

I hope i get to use this in a conversation someday. So dumb but so funny.

My girls gotta have a strong ass serve game. a bitch walks up to me? haa. my girl is finer than you and will ever be gtf out my face hoe

Check out this funny picture of Will Smith in the famous TV show Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Karen Walker, Will & Grace

Karen Walker brings the latest online collection of dress, coat, top and skirt.

Der frühling blutet in Paris

Marilyn Monroe at the premiere of 'Don't Bother To Knock' , 1952 - Marilyn Monroe (Norma Jeane Baker) - Photos

Once upon a time, you slept like a baby...well, because you were a baby. Before long, your obsession with staying up late as a kid morphed into a love for sleeping in late as a teenager. And now that you're a full-fledged grown-up, your sleep pattern has shifted yet again—only this time, it seems like there's never enough zzz’s to go around. What gives?

How Your Sleep Changes During Every Stage of Life

Free and Funny Drinking Ecard: I finally found my sleep number. It's 6 glasses of wine.

That's how I feel first thing in the A.M. when I stay over at my mother's... but I wouldn't kill her... swear!

this is how i feel in the mornings. Don`t talk to me until I`m fully awake.