those eyes.

Black and white wolf. Black and white wolf photograph black and white wolf fine art print. This image has a resolution and has a size of KB

The yin yang wolf, to represent my tribe's Two Wolves story

Inside each of us are two wolves. One is evil. Which wolf wins? The one you feed most.

.Grey wolf

Inspiring picture animal, beauty, black and white, cute. Find the picture to your taste!

I was part of a pack once. Yes, its true. I was the leader and they were the greatest ones I loved. Until a time I went vulnerable and left my beta in charge. When I regained my strength, they pushed me aside like an omega. A once loved leader, until I was left with nothing. I had a pack once. They were called the night runners. Now? Now I'm coming to destroy them all

What if they were wolves until the full moon and were men for three days? 'You Could Never Tame' by Novawuff on deviantART.

50 Breathtaking and Heart warming Portraits Of Wild Animals

50 Breathtaking and Heart warming Portraits Of Wild Animals

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wolves on

It was a sensational moment to get close to the wolves, in Northern Norway. Amazing creatures, especially in the wild. This one is one of the younger ones.

Demon Noir

Black Wolf Greeting Card for Sale by Nick Gustafson

Black Wolf with blue eyes, is there such an wolf, beautiful anyway. I had a blue eyed wolf. He was wonderful.


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blue-eyed wolf (by blue-eyed wolf)

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The 50 Cutest Baby Animals Of America, State By State