ArtStation - Adam Jensen's New Coat, Frédéric Bennett

Frédéric Bennett works as a concept artist at Eidos Montreal. Get ready for sweet art from the new Deus Ex game, Mankind Divided.

CANADA GOOSE Canada Goose Men'S Borden Bomber Jacket. #canadagoose #cloth #

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Canada Goose Men's Borden Bomber Jacket Inspired by the classic bomber design of the Chilliwack, the Borden features a removable coyote fur ruff and hood.

Adam Jensen.

Why do i have to have the biggest crush ever on a guy that doesn't exist *face palm*

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Sci Fi name generator- This has a ton of really cool names!

Dune, the 1984 sci-fi masterpiece by David Lynch,has everything a Space Opera drama could ask for, including Patrick Stewart! The film is an adaptation of the novel by the same name and while it is a .