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AD Classics: St. Mark’s Church in Bjorkhagen / Sigurd Lewerentz

AD Classics: St. Mark's Church in Bjorkhagen / Sigurd Lewerentz

Gallery of AD Classics: St. Mark's Church in Bjorkhagen / Sigurd Lewerentz - 9

sigurd lewerentz - markuskyrkan

Sigurd Lewerentz designed one of his two great churches in southern Stockholm: Markuskyrkan (St.

erik gunnar asplund, skogskrematoriet, woodland cemetery, stockholm

architect: erik gunnar asplund, a very playful asplund pretending that the paving is made out of spolia, the way you can find it in ancient churches. the asplund set so far.



Cambridge Gardens / James Gorst Architects

James Gorst Architects - Manly and uncompromising brick detailing. Steps plus a plinth for pontificating from or for children to fall off. Proof, were it needed, that the work of Luis Barragan does not transfer well to North London.

Sigurd Lewerentz. Church of St,Mark, Björkhagen,1956.

fuckyeahbrutalism: “Church of St. Mark, Bjorkhagen, Sweden, 1956 (Sigurd Lewerentz) ” Saw this last October. Bricks and birches both intact, looking well-loved.