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( Cry all the tears ) Doctor who you will be the end of me!

^^ Totally read this in their voices, too. ;) (from Dr Who & the Tardis by Craig Hurle)

That look on her face. She doesn't believe him, but she wants to and is humoring him. You are brilliant!

Matt and Fez: an infinite love-story.... so it's not only the Doctor! XD Matt really loves Fez! Remeber: Fezzes are cool

Apparently, Matt and I have much in common. If only my fez fit my head, then I would NEVER. <----too bad they didn't finish the quote because Moffat said he was going to kill the fez as soon as he's got it.

Doctor Who (Doctors Through Time) Poster

Buy Dr Who Dr's Through the Ages Wall Poster online and save! Dr Who Dr's Through the Ages Wall Poster Doctor Who is a British science fiction television programme produced by the BBC.

Day 15: a who- related tumblr- this. This is my screen- saver until November 23rd. I love it.

Get into the TARDIS everyone we're going to November Allons-y!

You can see the love he has for her on his face <3

The Doctor & River Song ~ You can see how much he loves and how much pain he feels for her in that moment

Funniest thing I saw of doctor who

The look on River's face is like "I'm gonna kill again"

John Barrowman as a TARDIS. Anybody want to guess at how often he said "It's bigger on the inside"?

John Barrowman as a TARDIS.>>>Jack in the box!>> I lost it at Jack in the box!

And here come the tears... again...

Only on Doctor Who can an older episode get so much sadder the further along in the series it gets!<<it's crazy because I was so *ugh* about River the first time we saw her and now I can't imagine the Doctor not knowing her

Doctor Who Time Heist, The Doctor, Clara; Eleven and Twelve

Please let it be River. Please let it be River. Please let it be River. Please let it be River.

Ha ha Strax<< Jenna's face in the last one!

Strax is hilarious. <<< I love strax. Whenever I play doctor who clue my friends (who don't watch dw) always avoid strax because he "looks weird".

river and rose

Then the truth that Rose Tyler is really married to a half doctor/half Donna Noble copy who art the time has only meet River once and didn't know a thing about her comes out.

Thankfully he didn't jump to his death, though his companions did...

In which speculates the Doctor jumping to his death. If makes another character jump to their death. - Also, since it's the FALL of the Eleventh, this will likely come true.

I waste so much time (dr. who,ideas,shows,doctors,david tennant,ten,tenth doctor)

BBC gives unrealistic expectations in men. I think I must have found THE perfect man :) .it's so true though!