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One blogger's response to the question, "So you hate Moffat too, I take it?"

Steven Moffat: Matt Smith’s Regeneration has been the toughest challenge he’s faced on the show : Doctor Who Merchandise

So Matt Smith can draw too! This makes him even more awesome. There are even a couple of moments when he sounds exactly like the Doctor, even though he's not acting. Quotable quotes: "You're beginning to annoy me, Corden." "Rein it in, old bean."

Matt Smith Prepares a Portrait - Doctor Who Confidential - Series 6 - Episode 12 - BBC Three

"Didn't want a life without you / but here I am living one" - Brooke Fraser [Doctor Who: Amy Pond, Eleventh Doctor]


one of the most emotional episodes [Doctor Who: Amy Pond, Eleventh Doctor]

Kind of (meaning totally freaking out) excited that the Doctor's secret isn't just his Gallifreyan name that would be too obvious no it had to be John Freaking Hurt AND his true name ..... Whaaa YES!

For a second I thought: "That is so lame. This entire time and his name is 'please'? Did I hear that right?" When in actuality, he screamed to cover up River whispering his name to the tomb. After all, he did say he could see/hear her.

Doctor Who | 7.10 - Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS

Gonna miss him so much :'( I know, I'm one of those few Whovians who loves Matt

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Matt Smith... You're welcome again.

There's just something about how Matt Smith plays the Doctor. So old yet still young. So experienced and powerful, yet childish and fun. Matt Smith is so young yet looks 20 years older as the Doctor.

Whouffle shippers annoy the ever living heck out of me. But I like this thingy right here.

"Whouffle shippers annoy the ever living heck out of me. But I like this thingy right here. Even if "Whouffle" might be the cutest ship name ever.

Official Trailer. You are not prepared to see 10 and 11 together. Trust me.  Also, The Feels. My god, the feels.     BBC One - Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor - The Trailer

The official trailer: The Day of the Doctor: The TV Trailer - Doctor Who Anniversary - BBC One. Sorry for all my geekiness.