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nINE is Julius freaking Caesar My name is the female version of Julius. Therefore, my parents named me after the Doctor. <<I knew there would eventually be a female doctor!

Amazing words ... from one Curator to one Doctor.

Tom Baker The Day of the Doctor. Is nobody else curious about this? I mean, it's Moffat people! He had the phrase "Silence will fall" in Eleven's first episode! Is nobody wondering what these words mean?

Think what the Face of Boe said...

Think what the Face of Boe said.

The Doctor and his Rose.

David Tennant and Billie Piper / rose and the doctor!

this was the first scene that made me want to keep watching dr who. it's too funny!

"Lots of planets have a north" - Doctor Who Quotes - - Christopher Eccleston

Things a Whovian should do: Elongate the word “Well” in every single conversation.

Things a Whovian should do: Elongate the word Well in every single conversation. - well yeah i do this a lot


The Doctor and Rose

I have a feeling this is going to go through all of our heads at the end of the Christmas episode right before we all burst into tears.

I'll admit, I got less fond of Amy the longer she was on the show, but this part still gave me feels.

It is possible for all a man's good looks to be located in the arch of one eyebrow and transform a otherwise odd looking man into The Most Interesting Man In The Universe.

Not just any eyebrow. THE eyebrow

That Just About Covers it

That Just About Covers it

'State your name, rank, and intention!' 'The Doctor. Fun' (The Waters of Mars)

Tilt back your screen, then cry.  A lot.

Tilt the screen. Then cry. *Step Tilt screen back. Step Try not to cry. Step Cry a lot.

This happens to me a lot....

24 Of Greatest Grad School Memes On The Internet

Yeah, I get this with Harry Potter references all the time from friends.I'm a nerd!


"If you're still a grown up by the end of that opening music, you've not been paying attention"

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World doesn't end ~Rose and 9, Doctor Who: The Doctor Dances

The world doesn't end 'cause The Doctor dances. my fav quote so far from Doctor Who.

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