Still life of fruit on a ledge with a goldfish bowl, 1876

Still life of fruit on a ledge with a goldfish bowl, 1876

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For us this image represents feelings. That's how I felt when my grandma died. Her house looked like that. It is very, very sad. She always had cheese. I AM IN LOVE with the cheese.

Johan Carl Smirsch  Flower Still Life  19th century

Austrian Artwork - Smirsch_Johan_Carl_Roses_Marigolds_Daises_Primroses_And_Other_Summer_Blooms_In_A_Glass

Lucas Schaefels - A Still Life with Fruit, Fish, Game And A...

German Art - A Still Life with fruit Fish Game And A Goldfish Bowl

Hildegard Schwammberger.jpg (855×1740)

Cherries ~ Clara von Sivers (German, ~ lovely contrast between the white flowers and the shiny red fruit.

Ambrosius Bosschaert

Jan van den Hecke Flowers in a Vase 1652 The wavy lines in the petals of the top right red/white flower lend it a delicate life like quality


Hi Deanna, I thought I'd share this pretty watercolor painting with you' I hope you like it. Enjoy' ACUARELAS DE ANA Mrs, B/ Joyce xoxo