♔ Philipse vintage brocante campagne

I am not sure why I love ducks, geese and swans wearing crowns or collars but I…


Brain Magazine - Page Pute - Taxidermie sous LSD

Taxidermie sous LSD

Enirique Gomez De Molina uses taxidermy techniques to assemble dead animals into completely new and fantastical creatures.


(By Marjon van Veghel)

Oeuvre art taxidermie par Karley Feaver

Œuvres en taxidermie par Karley Feaver

By Karley Feaver - Egretta Garzetta Plaitiata 2013 Mixed Media Taxidermy Egret, synthetic hair, gold leaf, wood lacquer paint

so natural. Could add greens for Christmas.

Haus Design: Decorating For Fall With Urns - love the colour of the trim on the urn and think the miniature brown books look cute tied in black satin ribbon which offsets the pinecones