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Plaster Face Casting-make a wax copy of your face to help make latex prosthetics SPECIAL FX MAKEUP

A sculpture MFA's guide to plaster face casting from a live model and creating a wax positive from the mold.

how to make a latex mask with 2 part mold. This sounds like it is probably too complicated to attempt this year

How to Make a Latex Mask With a 2 Part Mold

I made a full head latex mask of the predator using a 2 part plaster mold, this method is used to provide excellent detail. and a reusable mold.

How to Make a Life Cast of a Face/Head - Instructables

How to Life Cast

Life Casting As part of my graduate studies at UNC School of the Arts, I have to publicly publish part of my thesis. I chose to research mold making and casting for.

How to Make a simple latex prosthetic werewolf nose « Holidays

How to Make a simple latex prosthetic werewolf nose

Another quick and dirty method for making latex prosthetics. This one shows how cream-based makeup can be used to tint the latex for a final product that is not just clear.