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avocadoave: For the originator of “handsy best friends.”(Gorgeous DD/GA background image from - Not an actual quote from my very own David Duchovny.

Introduction to shipping  SHIP 101...I've pinned this before, but I believe it is worth repinning!!

The X-Files fandom invented the word 'ship' back in the day, lest the other fandoms forget.

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How every X-Files fan felt during that scene.

Memories of when X-Files first came out have been flooding back.  I used to be heavily into the internet and on the message boards which preceeded the SN I shun t'day.  I was a NORO.  I was also a member of 'The Desk For Dana Fund'.  I still hate Diana Fowley.  I'm STILL a NORO...but Scully is the most important female in Mulder's life...I spit on Agent Reyes!

That's right, Diana Fowley. Read it and weep!

Have you ever watched the X-Files and read between the lines? Have you ever had an intoxicating encounter with. Peruse this Web site for information and ephemera regarding the only.

I have.

I have.

Scully Mulder and a zombie by RoboInvisaBunny.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Scully is in to mood for Mulder's zombie games. Scully Mulder and a zombie

Hello, winter... where are you?

The tension

This is from the comic "Bluechair", if you are reading this, spread the word, stop Shen's brilliant work from being stolen!