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And that it gets even worse when you add a Misha | Community Post: 26 Signs That "Supernatural" Has Taken Over Your Life

26 Signs That "Supernatural" Has Taken Over Your Life

Jared's like 'kiss me Misha!' Misha's like 'No Jared!' And Jensen's screaming his head off like he just saw a horror movie<-- This is my absolute favorite gif. It's so beautiful!

I wish there wasn’t any language in this, but this is too good not to share

This is the most amazing thing to ever grace this board, it's not even easter but I don't care.

Cute devils trap skirt ❤

This is necessary. You never know when you will need to rip off your skirt and use it to trap a demon. never mind you can just trap Dean the demon INSIDE of your skirt.

How to punish a hunter, supernatural

Oh my goodness that is hilarious! "You lost your salt privileges" bahahahaha Once I heard the sound of utensils in the kitchen at 2 am and I somehow ended up throwing salt at my dad who had just come to get water.

Well only Dean's soul was in hell, Sam's body was in hell too. And when Cas got him he didn't bring his soul. So maybe he only leaves handprints on souls? Or something ?

Funny pictures about Sam's hand print. Oh, and cool pics about Sam's hand print. Also, Sam's hand print.

Misha isn't the only one who lacks the concept of personal space.

The way Misha turns around expecting a normal sized human and not a moose-sized man XD

When Dean cries, you cry

26 Signs That "Supernatural" Has Taken Over Your Life


And now mother is looking at me funnily for shouting "NYAAFWOOP" in the middle of our living room for no apparent reason.>>>>>>Wait I thought our theme song was Carry on my wayward son

You can't simply put a moose post without the Supernatural fandom posting Jared…

Excuse me while I go die

Excuse me while I go die

That's it... our show. HOW DO THEY GET IT DONE IN TIME???

Supernatural gag reel "Sincere Espresso" season 12 episode 5 "The One You've Been Waiting For"


15 Reasons Why Being Part of the Supernatural Family is the Best

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