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because needing a leg up is too mainstream

This is my grandmother! Sadly she is up in heaven now, but Cleve still likes to sit on his bean bag. Love you, Nessie!

Giant black horse eating the tree! Poitevin

Poitevin The Poitevin, also called Mulassier ("mule-breeder"),Poitevin Mulassier or Trait Mulassier is a draft horse from the Poitou area of France. It is a late-maturing breed with strong bones, known for its calm nature.

This horse would be a bitch to keep clean.... but oh so worth it.....    This is Nero, the White Mystery Fresian.

Nero, the White Mystery Fresian. Not pure Friesian but the grandson of Jalisco, an Arab stallion who was used to bring some fresh blood into the line by the Hillner family of Germany some 30 years ago. He's not licensed but he's a show stopper!