The magnolia flower meaning is attached with the symbols of perseverance, nobility, beauty, sweetness, dignity and love of nature. The white magnolias flower meanings include purity and perfection.


An excellent article from Organic Gardening Magazine about magnolia, majestic saucer magnolia, familiar southern magnolia, and quintessential magnolia flower


Delicate and romantic, white magnolia has natural calming effects and moisturizing properties. (Photo by Kari Herer)

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white magnolia one of my favorite flowers.they grow so freely on beautiful huge trees in my beloved South

...camelia...shrubs for front and back. Alternate with white and yellow camellias.

Gardenia Planting Guide

~~Gardenias Intensely fragrant white blossoms contrast beautifully with shiny, leathery dark green leaves. Plant them high (like azaleas and rhododendrons) and don’t let them be crowded by other plants or competing roots. Gardenias do well in large pots



‘Rose Marie’ in the rain

myu-myu 'Rose Marie' in the rain バラ イングリッシュローズ ローズマリ English Rose 'Rose Marie'

Pink Magnolia Blossom by Oscar Gutierrez

A pink magnolia blossom with a background of fallen flowers. The tree blossoms in the early spring.

white peony

White Peonies--saw them for the first time in real life today. The most beautiful flower I've ever seen! Aroma was just as beautiful! The peony is my favorite flower!