We are not your leftovers<< I love this! I have so many hufflepuff friends who need to see this!

I wasn't sorted into hufflepuff on pottermore, but I thoroughly agree with this argument. <<i was almost sorted into hufflepuff but i answered some questions wrong and got into ravenclaw instead.


And James just pretending like they are all his favorite and spitting them out when Sirius and Remus turn to laugh.

Yeah and then u think that the Rock is a demigod who covers up his story by playing demigod roles in movies

In this case, it makes more sense for Doctor Dolittle to have made up a spell that helps him understand animals.

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And every pureblood is just like, What in Dumbledore's glorious beard is going on? Why are these utensils singing for us to be their guest? And why are the muggleborns singing along and laughing?

Draco: "Oh, God! I've become a goody two-shoes! My father WON'T hear about this! If anyone tells him, you're dead! Do you hear me??" Everyone: *nods vigorously.*

I like this idea, but Luna actually has DIRTY BLONDE HAIR as described in the BOOKS. It would probably work tho with just blonde hair in general lol

Sirius and Hagrid were! Hagrid should not be forgotten, he did so much

I'm not posting this to diss sirius because he was a very important and definite father figure to harry--and i freakin love Sirius but people always forget that Hagrid and Remus also took care of harry and loved him

harry and teddy lupin THATS FINE I DIDNT NEED MY HEART

Honestly I dont know what hurts me more. Sirius with the Potters, Harry with the Weasleys or Teddy with the Potters

This is funny, but I always got the implication from the books that there had been people trying out for Seeker, but none of them had been very good. So McGonagall stepped in because she loves her House team.