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Hey, mom! Mom, mom, mom, mooooooom!!! #formyloveofpitbulls

15 Very Interesting and Funny Dog Haircuts

Sooooo scharway

Just a Dog

"We is sooper-scary pibbles! We is going to eat you! Yeah, eat you! So aggressive. Police and military use aggressive dogs like.wait they don't use pitbulls because that breed doesn't work!

I love this EVERYTIME I see it!!

All we ever hear is the bad. I speak from experience when I say there is A LOT more good about pits than there is bad.and what bad there is comes from the so called owners.NOT the pits.

It's heart renching to see this personally as it directly ties in with my primary text. R.I.P. "Bella," also wrongly prosecuted because of her appearence.

My baby is a pitbull named Baby and I love her. People should not judge her because she is a pitbull.

Blue Nose Pitbull

My ex had a stunning red nosed pit bull that I became attached to. I also loved Daddy from dog Whisperer. Some day I'd love to rescue a pit bull or two of my own.

Beautiful !!

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