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I will not speak of who I am. I want to be happy and free, a woman with a man like Shep Huntleigh in one of my arms and a glass of the most expensive kind of liqueur in the other. I should be a lady. I should be proper.

“Nothing will work unless you do.” — Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou quote - Nothing will work unless you do. I think this depends on your definition of work. If it is just a flowing part of your life then yes. If it's the conventional idea of working hard to get something I don't agree.


So true! I love to watch people do/talk about their favorite things. There is an intensity and passion in their eyes that is unrivaled and beautiful


"And you were just like the moon . you shined in times of darkness" Reason 452 why I want a tattoo of the moon.

Coco Chanel

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A girl should be two things: Fabulous and Classy - Famous Fashion Quotes