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Tumblr Gets Deep (21 Pics) |

France, on vous aime, but why is your language si compliquée?

Oooh lol I didn't get it until I repeated their answers (in their accents) for like the 3rd time, and said it faster each time. Ha

Ba-Dum Ping!

I read it in the accents the first time so I got it lol

I wanna learn German!--I am learning German and man oh man, it is beautiful, but truly a sucka to learn

And this is the time my mind eplodes 'cause I learn german and english at the same time, and looking at german words translated to english like this makes made me laugh for like 5 minutes.

Pansexuality's power? Punchin' punks

The bisexual always says, "I don't like labels," then macks on the same-presenting gender for fanservice.<<< and the ace one is always like "I'm not even here

22 Jokes That You'll Probably Go To Hell For Laughing At

22 Jokes That You'll Probably Go To Hell For Laughing At

I know I've pinned this before but it's so funny


It's an adequate dump for your morning

Megan had to give me a time range to say "The other day.

I actually knew this already, the reactions are funny though.

I feel like I have just been told the forbidden facts of reality.

The Chair

The Chair

Like feminine and masculine objects, for example. << but you know I learn german, french and english at the same time, and you know what? English is the one language that makes more sense than any other language!

Freedom intensifies

Unwarranted American declaration of freedom (in spelling)

Considering I'm turning 20 this year I have been worried because I can no longer blame teen angst for my moods and shit. << I've never blamed teen angst for my moods lmao

Funny tumblr comments

Tumblr Tuesday 9-30

I wish my fiends would take random pictures of me when we hang out

I'm not sure how accurate this is, because I've seen the exact same thing with British and Irish

haha, I love the comment "Because they are blocking freedom".now let me tell you bought hetalia

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Flower shop/tattoo artist au is out Suit shop/nerd store au is in

But it's just a mere fantasy bc I'm way past my glow up stage anD I STILL LOOK TWELVE FREAKING YEARS OLD

Tumblr Tuesday 5-16

Dude I always thinks this and this is like my dream, I want to be soooo dang hot in highschool (like have a major glo up from now) and everyone that looks at me is like dang and then they meet me and I'm like the nicest person on the planet😂🙃