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Eggshells Use: To control blossom end rot. How to make it: Take the shells of four eggs and crush them. Mix these shells into the soil around each plant. Why it works: The calcium in eggshells will d (Ingredients Design Color Palettes)

Eating Out – La table par Yannick Alléno at Royal Mansour, Marrakech

Eating Out – La table par Yannick Alléno at Royal Mansour, Marrakech - aromasnsabores

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This is my second inspiration for my first poster. This peachy, salmon pink is what i want to use as the color scheme of my first poster. I chose this image because of the blue plant, which will look nice have some sort of relation to the third poster.

Electric Confetti neon banana lamp for Kip & Co. Photo – Annette O’Brien for The Design Files.

Electric Confetti is a new Melbourne business that creates a range of fun, contemporary neon lights that have the look of traditional neon signage, re-imagined as artwork for the home or workspace.

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and i take this as my cue to leave, i hope to see you old friend. ill get to you one day, i promise you that. even if i have to wait till i'm 18 to buy a plane ticket, ill get to you and hold you and cry.

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It's a perfect 70 degrees today! & why yes, I still have a love affair with San Diego,even after 26 years 😍