Robe à la française: ca. 1770-1779, French brocade maker, English, silk brocade.

Open robe, French silk brocade, England, 1770 - Silk with ground pattern in stripes of blue, deep red and cream brocaded with floral sprigs in cream and pink.

a GORGEOUS mantua sacque gown

Silk: Dress: original c. altered late Artist/maker unknown, American and French Silk tobine (cannelé) brocaded with colored silks Center Back Length: 73 inches cm) Waist: 25 inches cm)

Robe a la francaise, ca. 1770.  From Kerry Taylor Auctions.

A brocaded cinnamon satin robe à la française, circa with sacque back compères formed from joined panels of the fabric, ruched robings to the front, partly lined in striped shot silk, matching petticoat

18th century gown... no info ):

SILK BROCADE ROBE A L'ANGLAISE, cream silk damask w/ brocade sprays of polychrome flowers: lace front bodice w/ attached back skirt train, pleated petticoat, stomacher w/ ribbon & lace trims,

Georgian robe a l’anglaise, c. 1780s

Robe a l’anglaise ca. design : striped silk satin stone pink openrobe, lined with silk gauze. - Robe a l’anglaise ca. From the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum

Robe volante, early 18th century

Sacque, robe battante, robe volante, or innocente: A lose, unbelted gown from shoulder to floor.

Catherine the Great’s wedding dress, 1745

1745 Catherine the Great wedding dress

Catherine the Great’s wedding dress, 1745 - How could one even walk down the aisle in this thing?

Woman's sack-back gown (robe à la française), ca. 1765  France

hoopskirtsociety: “ Robe à la francaise, France, c. Green silk satin brocaded with polychrome floral motifs, trimmed with broad strips of ruched and puffed self-fabric robings and fly fringe, undyed linen lining.