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How to play Paranoia

paranoia game - obviously this might have to be modified a little bit to fit a camp setting.^^^this sounds awesome but also horrifying. I'd be so paranoid if someone said my name and the question wasn't said

This would so be me.

Apparently it's been one of those days when even this seems like a legitimate possibility.


355 word essay Telephone is no doubt one of the important devices of communicating messages in a relatively short period, messages can be sent through letters and telegrams as well.

I almost crawled into the ceiling in first grade just cuz I was bored and wanted to leave

There's always something very interesting going on in public schools cuz idk about private schools since I've never gone to one

history side of tumblr

They very much did kill Jesus. Hahahah I fell really bad for laughing I'm probably going to hell for this hahahahah

Literally Just 23 Great Jokes

Literally Just 23 Great Jokes

Is it because ppl say there's an elephant in the room (meaning theres something they're clearly avoiding?