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"Long live the king...." ||| Mettaton ||| Undertale Fan Art

Undertale Mettaton (In one of the Undertale routes if you kill Asgore and Toriel [and I think Undyne too. idk for sure] Mettaton will become King Mettaton ruler of the Underground)

Undertale | the fallen humans

I wonder if any of the humans fell together. I also LOVE patience and integrity in this picture. They're my favorite souls and they where also drawn how I imagine them looking.

•Zodiaco• Undertale - ¿Con Quien Bailarías? - Wattpad

•Zodiaco• Undertale - ¿Con Quien Bailarías?

Картинка с тегом «evil, heart, and red»

Do i spot a similarity to Madoka Magica's Homura? <<<All I see in this image is Grima.

Browse Art - DeviantArt

Overgrowth/Last reset is currently destroying my life c: