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America's real father? by SparxPunx.deviantart.com on @deviantART

okey now for those who donno, in himaruyas webcomic it was stated that Finlands americas father xD well the comic went something like this sinds sadly i.


XD -Hetalia -England -America -France <<< hahahah x'D This is so funny seriously. This made my night, I almost laughed as much as America. I just can't stop laughing.

Re-pinning entirely for the vodka and energy drink one. Because it's so true in every way.

If I was 21 I would probably get stuck drinking water.because I would have to drive my friends home.<<< I've been laughing for 2 minutes. This is so funny and true.

Don't talk shit about bae

Don't talk shit about bae<<<<funny fact bae in danish means shit so you basically just said 'don't talk shit about shit' XD

The magic trio casually floating in mid air... (language again, sorry) The First Panel!!!! I died yet again XD

The magic trio casually floating in mid air. (language again, sorry) The First Panel! I died yet again XD <--- The language don't bother me none!

Aha Denmark's face!!  Hetalia

All the weird faces the hetalia characters have made (Ice you okay?)<<< LOOK AT CANADA!<< I see ur canadia and raise u Russia making the fuckin Lenny face