Gotta love these people!

regram I know it’s not typically cool to take pictures of guys at the urinal, but this guy just kept staring at us.

Chuck is so done with his kids - like counting to 3 is useless and he just accepts such behavior - Supernatural

Jensen & Jared impersonating Fangirls. So funny and cute. They love their fans.

Funny pictures about Imitating Supernatural fangirls. Oh, and cool pics about Imitating Supernatural fangirls. Also, Imitating Supernatural fangirls.

(( so sorry I don't know the artist)) so cute!!! Not really a Destiel person but this is adorable ^_^

(( so sorry I don't know the artist)) so cute! Not really a Destiel person but this is adorable ^_^ <= dude. I am not even in this fandom <=== dude, get in this fandom. and Destiel is awesome btw

notice how ate the beggining they're smiling and have bright eyes, while at the end they never smile, have dark eyes, have bags under their eyes, and look like they've been through a thousand years of war...yes, so much more painful like

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Its sad you can see all the hurt and pain they've been through together. And the reality of losing hope is also on their faces.

a little strip at break time again //drinking tea now back to work ahhh I'm in a deep love with this cute couple gif for x') Dean, Cas, Sam, Lucifer @ SPN Destiel Strip 2

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if being a satanist means I could worship Mark Pellegrino then I wanna be a satanist. lol<<< Isn't worshipping Mark and SPN Satan technically being a satanist?

Misha Collins · This is our last day of shooting together for season We have all been crying. In fact we've wept so much we are dehydrated now.

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29f3169591d8afe780c8c092261b05bc.jpg 600×2,677 pixels

Somehow we always end up here.

fandom ruins another post [PIC Set] --- you mean improves another post right? (I literally just died laughing) <--- And, you know, Sam's hair. (Although I do like the lack of more than the hair.