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Looking to take your drawing to the next level? Need an excuse to break out your pencils, pens or markers? Join us for the Craftsy 31-Day Drawing Challenge for the month of August!

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Drawing Challenge

draw a thing a day for 30 days; I should do this as a sketch/journal entry. It could be my April or May countdown!

The psychology of color

An Infographic On The Psychology of Color. Struggling to find the perfect color for something? Try taking a look at the emotions that colors evoke in people before choosing the latest color pallet for a new project.

31 day drawing challenge, Grimerud spring edition. Our list of 30 topic and final exam.

Our list of 30 topic and final exam. --> some interesting ideas, there. I really want to draw that sandwich

How to draw gems with markers and colored pencils | Step by step tutorial from @tombowusa and @mariebrowning1

How to Draw Gems with Markers and Colored Pencils

Learn how to draw gems with Tombow markers and colored pencils. Signature Designer Marie Browning shares her tips for how to draw gems in four easy steps.