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Liking the wrought iron console, big chunky candle sticks, wall light, decorative urns with grren conifers. Beautiful effect and the mirror on the outside of a pool house.

It's that time of the year where winter is almost  over, and I am itching to get out in the yard and work.  Even though it's not quite warm ...

Boxwood, a dwarf spruce, and terra cotta prove that boring foundation plants placed in a great pot can transform a Design Design Design

Des pots de fleurs au look industriel chez Jardiland - Longs, arrondis, carrés, petits... Ces pots de fleurs en fibre se déclinent sous toutes les formes. Leurs teintes grisâtres, qui rappellent celles du béton, apportent un côté industriel et moderne, parfait pour un balcon citadin.Pots de fleurs en fibre. Pot "oeuf", à partir de 29,90 euros, Ø 28/35/43 cm. Pot "évasé strié", à partir de 29,90 euros, Ø 31/42 cm. Pot "carré", à partir de 15,90 euros, L. 20/30/40/50 cm. Pot "rond", à partir…

Décoration balcon : 12 pots de fleurs et jardinières

des-pots-de-fleurs-au-look-industriel. Create foliage of varying heights and shapes. Make your pots sculptural in the garden. Style your garden as you would your home.

green, white and baskets

The most cost effective 10 DIY Back garden Projects That Any person Can Make 3

Plants on balcony

I like this combination of plant & wood together. Also, using these shelfs and stands help you keep your plants tidy.

Cityscape Planters - Triple | west elm

Cityscape Planters - Triple