The real you.

I want to make ppl think there's an alternarive universe or like mc is fake, but the voice was actually mc in the past. Just telling things before some radical change happened within their society.

"What?!" She slammed her fist into the metal machine. "That's right, girly." She whipped around to see a young man leaning on a cane. "The cost of extra years has been droppin' for ages. It finally happened; the price reached zero." "But...I NEED this money. I'm starving!" "We are all starving, girly. We'll just have to make our way somewhere else."

Years of your remaining life can be sold at a high price. You go to your local life trader to sell off one more of your years, only to get the message, "Error: Insufficient Funds.

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Decisions, decisions.

More<<< You trail after the human you were assigned, realizing you were like their Guardian Angel, protecting and helping them when they needed it, especially because if they died, than you would 'die' as well

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I am a writer. I create writing courses for creative and business writers. I inspire others to tell.

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I like the writing prompt, although the link goes to an article about how to write a book: How to Write a Book And Get it Published: A Beginner's Guide

writing prompt<---Think I've seen a similar movie idea...I think Cuba Gooding Jr was in it?

Why You Should Never Trust Spell Check

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Dude, you have to see this

So basically Light sold half of his lifespan for shinigami eyes and they wrote a story(death note)<<Lol basically. But I just read a book about a girl who can see people's death dates but never mentioned seeing her own.