Tattoo with white ink! I love it!

Think I just found my next tatoo. Different words and possible different location but really like the idea. I really like this white ink tatoo.

I have this on the back of my neck. My Favorite tattoo ever❤️

I think I want this on my forearm. in white ink, with boys initials, gkj and ewj in two hearts on either side of "faith"

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This ones a possible

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saw this in my friends it

So im just saying that anchors sink! So stop puting i refuse to sink next to your anchor tattoos!

bird tattoo, behind ear tattoo

Image detail for -neck tattoo bird tattoo tattoo small tattoo tattoo behind ear

this too shall pass inner arm. love everything

"this too shall pass", quote tattoo, arm tattoo . Love this font or lettering For Mom

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