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File:Master of Moulins - Portrait of Margaret of Austria (Portrait of a Young Princess) -

Juana the Mad, ca. 1496 (Master of Mary Magdelene)  Location TBD

Joanna of Castile – was the first queen regnant to reign over both the Kingdoms of Castile and of Aragon. Unfortunately, she was also referred to as Juana la Loca (Joanna the Mad.) She was the daughter of Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon.

Gallery.ru / Фото #16 - Мадонна Собрание Национальной галереи Лондона, Великобритан - vera60

Master of the Magdalen Legend / Mary of Burgundy

1520 Hans Maier (1490-1530) Mary of Austria in 1520 à innssbruck, Queen of Hungary 1522–6, Regent of the Netherlands 1531–56

Mary of Hungary (governor of the Netherlands) Hans Maler zu Schwaz 1520

Joanna of Castile  (Spain ca.1479-1555) : -This portrait of Joanna was done in Flanders, ca 1500: it is a detail from the wings of theLast JudgementTriptych of Zierikzee, by the Master of Afflighem (Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium)- (Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Queen Joanna of Castile, sister to Catherine of Aragon, first wife of Henry VIII. Also known as Mad Joanna. a detail from the Last Judgement Triptych of Zierikzee, by the Master of Afflighem (Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium)

Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Richmond and Derby

When we mention the Tudors, we especially think of Henry VIII and his daughter, Elizabeth I. We hardly mention that Henry VIII's father, Henry VII acceded the throne of England because of the determination of his mother, Margaret Beaufort.

Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn Hever Castle, Kent: a few myths debunked.

Eleanor de Clare Lady Despencer  Birth 3 Oct 1292 in Caerphilly Castle , Wales, Death 1337 in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, , England,

Eleonora of Austria queen of france 1530 Cleve Joos Van

Late 15th century costume ~ Master of the Baroncelli Portraits ~ Saint Catherine of Bologna with Three Donors (detail) ~ 1470-1480

Late century costume ~ Master of the Baroncelli Portraits ~ Saint Catherine of Bologna with Three Donors (detail) ~

A Tudor Lady's Ensemble of 1545

Tudor style gown - Detail of Anne of Brittany and her court Poetic Epistle of Anne of Brittany and Louis XII.

Pink Basement Garden

Nicolas Neufchâtel — Portrait of Archduchess Anna of Austria, 1567 : The Museum of John Paul II Collection, also known as the Porczyński Gallery or Carroll-Porczyński Collection, Warsaw.

Jan Gossaert (Jan Mabuse) Porträt eines Mädchen (Jaqueline de Bourgogne? oder Dorothea von Dänemark?)

Jan Gossaert Young Girl with Astronomic Instrument, , National Gallery, London. Read more about the symbolism and interpretation of Young Girl with Astronomic Instrument by Jan Gossaert.

Portrait of Elizabeth of York (1466-1503), amongst English Royalty was a daughter to a king, niece to a king, wife to a king, mother to a king and grandmother to a queen.

A century miniature of Elizabeth of York. She was the daughter of a king (Edward IV), the sister of a king (Edward V), the niece of a king (Richard III), the wife of a king (Henry VII), the mother of a king (Henry VIII)

Mary of Burgundy. https://hemmahoshilde.wordpress.com/2015/07/25/mary-of-burgundy-its-all-about-the-right-veiling/ <--- You're welcome to read more about Mary of Burgundy's hats on my art blog :).

Mary of Burgundy – it’s all about the right veiling

Marie de Bourgogne, by Henry Leys Valois princess dressed in a houppelande gown and a bluntcated hennin atop her her head finished with a sheer veil.

Attributed to Joos van Cleve Isabel de Portugal Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga, Lisboa

Isabel may have been portrayed around the time of her marriage in Her coiffure is built out to the sides and she wears loosely folded full over-sleeves.

veronschool1570ssweden.jpg Photo by operafantomet | Photobucket solstice idea

veronschool1570ssweden.jpg Photo by operafantomet | Photobucket solstice idea