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*squints* Can't tell if Lucas North.or Richard Armitage.

Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne.... I'm buying the series as we speak!!!

I would have preferred him as Ross Poldark over Aidan Turner. Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne. In BBC "Robin Hood"

PLEASE...don t look at me like that......(I m melting...)

Richard Armitage so sexy

The Richard Armitage Daily

I'd have prefered if I didn't know who he were. Now, I have this embarrassing addiction to him that it isn't good for me.

richard armitage pictures | Richard Armitage just smolders - Imgur

Another Robert Ascroft shot .

Of course Richard is the #1 guy on there ~ Most Popular People Born On August 22 list - from IMDB

Most Popular People Born On August 22

Richard Crispin Armitage - really handsome (born English actor famous for his roles as John Thornton in NORTH & SOUTH, & Guy of Gisborne in ROBIN HOOD.

Richard Armitage, stunning!                     Photo: Robert Ascroft, 23-11-2012 (Hobbit Promo)

Robert Ascroft--just barely sticking up, but still.

Amazing Actor!! Richard Armitage

Richard Armitage - he played Guy of Gisborne, Lucas North, and Thorin!

From the DaMan photoshoot Oct 2014