I love old abandoned buildings!

Abandoned Church with orange sunset in Central Texas. a beautiful old building.

Church in Big Bend, Texas

USA / The church in an abandoned movie set in Big Bend National Park, Contrabando, Texas.

abandoned church in Kansas, USA

The 28 Most Beautiful Abandoned Churches Around The World

Red country church, charming!

Whether they are big or small, elaborate or plain, a church building is such a beautiful place, but remember, it is just that…. a building. It is the “people” who are the church. I myself am kind of partial to the simple little country churches!

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An abandoned, gothic chapel amongst the trees on a cold and misty day. Where's the black crow.

Church (abandoned, so I would think)

The church of St. Nicholas in Mavrovo, Macedonia was built in 1850 and stood for a 153 years until it was decided an artificial lake was needed in the village. At one point the church was fully submerged, but it keeps rising again, especially in summer

Abandoned church near Billy The Kid's Grave in Ft. Sumner, NM

Abandoned church owned by my mother-in-law, Susanne Bailey-Eldridge. It's located in Tiban, NM.

Gasp! how could such beauty be neglected? and how could they cover, even partially, such a beautiful window?? What did it look like once??

indypendent-thinking: Stained (by Timothy Neesam (GumshoePhotos)) Amazingly beautiful stained glass in an abandoned church in Detroit