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Circumcision in ancient Egypt. Sixth Dynasty BCE) tomb artwork in Egypt has been thought to be the oldest documentary evidence of circumcision, the most ancient depiction being a bas-relief from the necropolis at Saqqara (c.

two important symbols together

Unknown Sumerian symbol, referred to as a "purse" but carried by gods in carved statues, petroglyphs, etc.

Schools in ancient Egypt.

Ancient Egypt Education: Education and the Teacher's Function In the Life of Ancient Egypt

A male offering bearer carries a basket, stalks, and a vessel. Papyrus stalks decorate the wall. A larger-than-life Ibis leads the way. source unknown

An Ivory Safe Panel -- Egypt -- Dynasty 26 -- No further reference provided.

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Amenhotep III was the ninth Faroah of the dynasty. He ruled over an era which was the most artistic in Kmt history, and at the height of its international power. Amenhotep III ruled for 39 years and was known as the 'Magnificent'.

This god was at one point an aspect of Ra, but rather than being depicted as an anthropomorphic being (like most of the other ancient Egyptian gods), Aten was represented by the disc of the sun, with rays of light emanating outward. #Summer #Solstice #Litha

This particular depiction of the sun was a symbol of one omnipotent god, introduced by Pharaoh Anhknatun. Many people believe he was actually worshipping the God of Joseph from the Bible, in his own unique way.

This link goes nowhere & I've never seen this before. I looked @ pics of Tiawanaku & don't see anything like this. Ugh. (Original no other: Museo al aire libre, La Paz, Bolivia. Aparentemente, la talla proviene de Tiawanaku)

I looked @ pics of Tiawanaku & don't see anything like this. (Original no other: Museo al aire libre, La Paz, Bolivia.

This gazelle, wearing a lotus flower around its neck, is part of the reliefs that adorn the Sun Court of the tomb of Ankhhor.  Ankhhor was a high official during the reigns of Psammetichus II and Apries.(26th dynasty.  His tomb (TT 414) can be found in the Asasif Necropolis on the Westbank at Luxor. Photo Paul Smit and Mick Palarczyk.

Gazelle wearing a lotus. Relief from the Sun Court of the tomb of Ankhhor a high official in the Dynasty.

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Celestial Map of the Planets, Constellations, and Zodiac. An example of a late Egyptian astronomical depiction carved on the ceiling of the chapel of Osiris, temple ofDendera, from the end ofthe Ptolemaic period (first century B.

Obilisk of Ramsis ||

Obelisco Ramses na noite - Templo de Luxor, Egipto / Obelisk Ramsses at Night - Temple at Luxor, EGYPT

1999 London - "Mr. Unknown sped back into the house and grabbed his video camera. He was hoping to film the UFO before it disappeared, but instead he filmed what he claimed to be a type of small, ghost-like beings who seemed to be rummaging around behind his fence. The total length of the film was about four (4) minutes. The strange beings made a sound which was barely audible, and somewhat muffled. The sounds of the small beings had attracted him to the area. Mr Unknown was frank in…

Unknown was awakened by a sound in the middle of the night. He went outside and filmed what he claimed to be a type of small ghost-like being.

Scribe- Writers - Horemheb tomb, 18th dynasty, Saqqara, Egypt by bertha

Scribe- Writers - Horemheb tomb, dynasty, Saqqara, Egypt by bertha .Egypt is the first to encourage girls teaching.