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Luv Shelties and they love to lay in nice cool grass....what a beautiful picture!!

Sheltie/ reminds me of my beautiful Callie, but she is prettier.

Shelties may be 6th place in smarts but they're definitely 1st in looks. http://ift.tt/25RoEoj

Shelties may be place in smarts but they're definitely in looks.

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Blue Merle Austrailian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd - Smart Working Dog

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sheltie by jezandia, via Flickr

What a sweet Sheltie photo by Jezandia Photography. He certainly looks inquisitive.

DogHQ presents the following infographic that provides everything you ever wanted to know about the Rottweiler canine breed, which highlights Rottweiler breed facts and trivia.

Rottweiler dog breed facts and trivia - history, personality, health and care, training, pros and cons. My perfect breed!