Green tree monitor lizard

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Chamaeleo pardalis, chameleon species found in the forests of Madagascar. Chameleons can produce a wide range of colours and patterns on their skin, more to express mood than blend in the different environments - photo David Parks

eastern blue tongue lizard

Yes, this is a predation shot, but I just love the expression on the predator's face.

Spiderman Agama from Tanzania

The Mwanza Flat-headed Agama is a lizard found in Tanzania, Rwanda, and Kenya. The lizard has an uncanny resemblance to the Marvel superhero.

The Mwanza flat-headed rock agama (Agama mwanzae) or the Spider-Man agama, because of its coloration, is a lizard in the family Agamidae, found in Tanzania, Rwanda, and Kenya. The species has become a fashionable pet due to the male's coloration, which resembles the comic-book superhero Spider-Man.

Mwanza or Flat Head Rock Agama Lizard (we always called it the Spiderman lizard), Kenya.

Desert Collared Lizard

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Brooke's Water Skink (Tropidophorus brookei)

Brooke's Water Skink (Tropidophorus brookei)

Philippine sailfin lizard - the males have the sails, and become violet/blue as they grow older.

The Sailfin Dragon, a living dinosaur.

The Philippine Sailfin Dragon (Hydrosaurus pustulatus) the ultra rare Dragon lizard sometimes come in magenta or indigo color.

Kangaroo Lizard (Octocryptis wiegmanni)

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