Two identical t-shirts combined to make one t-shirt dress. Brilliant!

T Shirt Dress DIY This is an easy project from what I can tell. Just take two tshirts, one in your size and one your size. Cut the ruffle skirt from the big tee, sew and gather and then sew it to the tee that's your size.

Tank Top Tutorial.

Men's T-shirt to Ruffle Tank Top tutorial. I think I'd skip the ruffles, though.

T_shirt_bustle_large  use layers of different prints and get them to stick out a little at the hips so you can se them from the front too

Upcycled T-Shirt with Bustle by Stitchless

Stitchless TV sewing channel presents. Make a regular T-Shirt into a Top with a Bustle in minutes!

DIY peplum top! This one doesn't have instructions, but it seems like this: All you need is a regular tee and a big tee.  Cut off half of the big tee. Sew onto regular tee.  It's seems pretty easy for a peplum top.

DIY Fashion - Fashion Diva Design-this site has a lot of creative ideas & step by step visuals. DIY and Crafts, DIY Fashion

Talk2TheTrees: How To Make An Easy and Cheap Shirt From Silk Scarves

A summery top made from 2 silk scarfs. The scarfs should already be hemmed when you buy them, so. 4 quick lines on the sewing machine, and you've got a new top!

Tie-on Belly-dance pants

wrap trousers, We called these "Stupid Pants" in college because they were stupid/easy to make. Seriously though Julia these are hella cool during the summer and super comfy

Socks into hand warmers

Transforms Socks Into Warmers

Good idea to extend sleeves that are too short. Transform socks into wrist warmers. This is a simple, but very clever idea. If you can crochet and or knit, then there are lots of pretty edgings that you could use on these.

Converting an oversized t shirt to a cute mini dress

Modify Your T Shirt

I wanna make this DIY t-shirt dress, made from 2 t-shirts with minimal sewing. Could get very creative with this simple design. Cute as a bathing suit cover quilting-sewing-and-all-things-fabric