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Preparing to Go Platinum — Southern New Yorker. Tips for dying hair blonde or platinum blonde.

Your character has been trying to catch the young assassin Belladonna for a long time with no success. One day they receive an anonymous message telling them that Belladonna will be at a nearby restaurant that night. The message also says that your character is going to be Belladonna's target very soon.

"My dear, why do you wear the mask? You so much more magnificent without it.

Please don't be dead Dipper<<< Oh look, my feels are pouring down my face.

I love when my fucking heart is ripped out then stepped on until it stops convulsing on the hard earth!<<<<<<< I feel you, bro Xx

Laws arise not from divinity but reason @riverpoetry

scrolls from library of Alexandria. film agora (rolling pins & tea stained contact paper wrapped with leather strips maybe?