“California Poppies: Dedicated to the Native Sons and Daughters” composed by Juliette Jones, 1910.

vintage sheet music, “California Poppies: Dedicated to the Native Sons and Daughters”, composed by Juliette Jones, 1910

California State Flower Print The Golden Poppy by PetitReve

Kansas State Flower Print, The Sunflower

The gorgeous golden poppy, the state flower of California, the state we long to visit constantly. One in a series of our State Flower

Redlands- California Poppy Orange Citrus Fruit Crate Box Label Art Print

Vintage "California Poppy Brand Oranges" fruit crate art, Redands Heights Orchards, Ltd, Redlands, California.

Lemon Crate Label Scarce Poppy Floral Flowers Vintage Original 1940 Advertising

Genuine Lemon Crate Label Duck Hunting San Dimas 1930S Vintage Quite Scarce


I like the grouping Artwork Azusa Golden Poppy Flowers Orange Crate Label Art Print


California Poppy print, c. By Elizabeth Hallowell Saunders Santa Barbara Botanic Garden (tattoo idea but with wheat?

Sutton's 1892

Sutton Sons placed the fragrant Mignonette (Reseda odorata) on its 1892 catalog cover.

PRINTABLE California Wall Art California poppy and California state by MakeandDoHandmade

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I love this idea with my families birth flowers with an earth symbol in the triangle. Back of my arm would be perfect. Browse through over high quality unique tattoo designs from the world's best tattoo artists!

california poppy flower - Google'da Ara

California Vintage Poppy by Olde America Antiques. California Vintage Poppy On The Road To California from Olde America Antiques Online.