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背中は語る  Figura de Isaac Clarke de Dead Space

Dead Space's Isaac Clarke Comes to Life as This Amazing Custom Action Figure

Figura de Isaac Clarke de Dead Space

Forget NECA's official Dead Space figures, which make Isaac look like was born disfigured. Remember the Dead Space hero as he should be remembered, with this intricately-detailed, custom-made action figure.

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Those are part of pictures that I colected around for modeling inspiration. don't forget to fallow me in tweater for last news at stuff for

Space man by SeaMonkey1 on DeviantArt

What took about a month in Zbrush took be about 4 days with XSI Anyway here's a picture of a spaceman hope you like it Space man

JunkSuit by *Greyzen

I was trying out some new stuff with Modo and ended up with a suit that makes little sense. It is a suit that has broken and patched many, many times. Oh well - I had fun making it though.

Character design and concept development - Astronaut by Jeff Miller | CG Daily news

Artist Jeff Miller created this awesome futuristic space suit design after the movie Gravity sparked his imagination. He says the suit was inspired by a variety of real and conceptual space suit designs.

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Dead Space 2 Isaac Clarke i love this game i am addicted to it this artwork is among my favorites

Deadspace 3  Isaac Clarke

Dead Space ****If you're looking for more Sci Fi, Look out for Nathan Walsh's…


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