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We all love him!! #iloveobama~~~When people bitch about Pres Obama not keeping all of his campaign promises I want to bitch slap them!!!  Where the hell have you been the past 6 years!  And he got things done IN SPITE of having an obstructionist Congress!!!

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Ted Nugent, eat your heart out! Country superstar Garth Brooks supports our President.

I'd rather be hopeful than hateful.

the finest man I have witnessed as President.that has nearly ruined our country with his communist Muslim ways

The battles of my '60s novel "Daffodil Sunrise" continue. If anything, the stakes are only higher. ...

That's right, the GOP drums up debt and it's always a Democrat that gets to clean up after these lying liars. Truth, it's what the GOP fears.


This is what a successful presidency looks like: statistics from the day PBO took office until today.

Does anyone even read the congressional record ??  The oppressed middle & lower class in the US only votes for change every 4 years...but change happens every time a vote is put to the floor !

Vote to make sure liars like this are gone! Senate controlled be the Demoncraps are our problem! Vote the Demoncrap liars out!

Unlike Obama, our  current 45th “President” seeks to undermine and disallow any kind of diplomacy. Just exactly like he’s always done every day of his life. He is so crazy he’s itching to bomb someone. How did he get elected? Oh, that’s right, by all the other playground bullies and idiots

Treaty is more Effective that War. We save Thousands of Lives and Billions of Dollars. Who can argue with that.


"So sue me." President Obama may not be perfect, but I love him for standing up to a useless congress!

Our country's actions toward this man will always be an embarrassment to us all... and yet he continues to lead w professionalism and integrity!  He will not be deterred.

HOW TRUE IS THIS! History will confirm the accuracy of this and note that this was the time when the republican party began its quick demise after greed and racism became its central theme.

.obama did it. A president I was proud of.

The reason people keep on trying to put down Obama is because he's black. Don't try to deny it. If Obama was white you wouldn't criticize him as much.

That's the truth, something has to change!

How do Fortune 500 companies pay zero in taxes while college loans go up to ~ Elizabeth Warren quote