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This is everybody reading my status update like "Well then... this girl wanted Gatorade, didn't get Gatorade, then got zombies to attack Walmart"

Green Day Meme this will forever be a classic to me

Green day is life. Sometimes literally

Green day is life. Sometimes literally

Fuck that shit

Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day

Look at those shirts together. <3

Mike the photobomber

I don't understand our bandom.... Like, what the fuck was this person on when they made this

I don't understand fandoms sometimes.

Well.. This is my last yr so it'll happen soon with me too..xd

This is my last yr so it'll happen soon with me too.


Ah, yes, here we see the immortal Billie Joe Armstrong, in his natural habitat- the fountain of youth!

yessss haaha

Same Billie same

Definitely one of the very few pics with Tre acting "normal". @Madi Erickson

I did the exact same pose Billie Joe is doing in my seventh grade yearbook picture (it was a picture of all the seventh graders, taken from the roof)

Just sayin'<<<<Just letting EVERYONE know

oh my god some people don't use a lot of instruments in Thor music, it doesn't make it bad, there are a lot of good songs that use like electronic sounds and stuff.

#Quotes - #BillieJoeArmstrong

billie joe armstrong, bullet in a bible, concert,

Fuck yeah! Green Day Memes

I stared at this for at least five minutes dying of laughter and everyone around me gave me odd looks.

You Know Your A #GreenDay Fan When... #5

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Tré ate my last cookie

Why would you do such a thing, Tre?


I recently talked to these two people I sit next to in class but don't know very well and they told me that they like Weezer, Green Day, Cake and other bands like that like I do and I was so freaking happy!

Haha, you telling me to stop talking about Green Day is telling me to die

Haha me too heheh XD