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David Allen Chamberlain - Artist, Fine Art Prices, Auction Records for David Allen Chamberlain

Ceramic and Wood Sculpture with thanks to Sculpture Artist Jan H Jacque Artist Study Resources for CAPI::: Create Art Portfolio Ideas at milliande.com, Art School Portfolio Work

Terrific piece - Ceramic Sculpture in combination with wood, created by Jan Jacque - matte earth tones are pit fired in contrast to the glazed river bottom rock texture. Cherry wood flows from the clay to a graceful perch.

"Double Twist" -Free Form Contemporary Wood Sculpture, Stohans Showcase.  Dramatic contemporary wood sculpture consisting of a striking vertical form that appears similar to an elongated ribbon that has been twisted in the center. The top and bottom portions of this magnificent sculpture are heavy in appearance and gradually taper into the thin lines of the twisted center.

Double Twist Sculpture - by Hebi Arts-Double Twist Sculpture by Hebi Arts Exotic finishes radiate energy in this lacquer collection. These original pieces draw inspiration from Vietnam's long tradition of lacquerware and then give it a modern twist.