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haha my wallpaper for my pc for now-- dedicated to bday boy Hyunseung ;

B2ST/BEAST Dujun, Yoseob, and Gikwang....HAHAHAHA even though I don't listen to BEAST

Dujun, Yoseob, and Gikwang.haha I love beast.

Jang Hyunseung of B2ST. for the group "Trouble Maker" with HyunA in 4minute. Song name "There is no tomorrow

Jang Hyunseung of for the group "Trouble Maker" with HyunA in Song name "There is no tomorrow


Plz don't cover your lips.Still perfect though😍😍

Son Dongwoon of B2st (Beast) Makane of the group and a 91' liner. Former Ultimate bias (as of 4/2014)  and first Kpop love

Son Dongwoon of (Beast) Makane of the group and a liner. Ultimate bias and first Kpop love

Doojoon Beast #kpop God please help me get over him!

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Doojoon talks about upcoming comeback with and wrapping up 'Let's Eat' with 'InStyle' magazine

Dongwoon of B2ST

Yes, this week’s K-Pop guy is very own, Son Dongwoon. Dongwoon is a member of Beast (stylized as both BEAST and .

BEAST... #B2st oooooh Yoseob.... lol

Make Up timeeee!!!!

I think this is Infinite but I am not sure.oh well I thought it was hilarious

Yong Junhyung - Beast

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“[HQ] Junhyung for 2014 CeCi Magazine March Issue ”