garden crochet pillow granny square ::: from wood and wool stool. Love the tiny squares and the colors.

@ Color 'n Cream: Pretty squares from free pattern


great crochet projects!!! gonna pick it up again, I think! I want to make myself a black cuff that is comfortable and won't annoy me at work!!! but looks dressy. WICKED FAERIE QUEEN: THE NEW CROCHET...NOT JUST GRANNY SQUARES!

crochet blankets New Super Easy Baby Blanket - the purl bee granny square Colourful granny blanket WIP.

How-To: Join Granny Squares | MAKE: Craft

How-To: Join Granny Squares

Cool way to join Granny Squares. Granny square joining tutorial Very interesting another way to join squares.

Owl crochet patterns and much more!

Idea came to me when I saw this - crochet square afghan and use the owl granny squares as the border. Crochet pattern owl granny square by ATERGcrochet

Free crochet patterns - Dadas place tutorial 1

Dada's place: Teddy Bear Granny Square Tutorial - I LOVE these adorable teddy bear squares! They would make the best baby blanket!